Monat: November 2022

Preorder now!

What a year this has been: I have had the good fortune to teach and discuss my research at Augsburg University this summer, Simone Knewitz and I succesfully hosted our conference „Corporations, Communities, Crowds: The Aesthetics of Collective Agency in Twenty-First Century Culture“ (sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation), and now, Edinburgh University Press is about to publish my book The Corporation in the Nineteenth-Century American Imagination. In fact, you can already preorder it here.

DFG Network „Model Aesthetics“: Joshua Clover and Caroline Levine talk about form

Our latest network meeting took place over the course of two weeks: with an in-person workshop with Joshua Clover at the University of Bonn and an online workshop with Caroline Levine. Surprisingly (or perhaps not?), as we talked about how literature creates models and what their properties are, our conversations with both quickly moved into the sphere of activism and the work that forms do in this sphere. In different ways both addressed the issue of forms‘ temporality: how to make organizations (in the BROADEST sense) sustaining and sustaining. For more information on what we do in our network, see here.

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