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Upcoming Event

This December I will present my work-in-progress on corporate storytelling and autobiography at the Intersections of Finance and Society conference in London. You can find their program here.


Last year I I co-edited this special issue on „Poetry and Law“ together with Dr. Birte Christ (Universitaet Giessen). Last week, it was awarded the Best Article Award 2017 by the journal Amerikastudien/American Studies and the German American Studies Association.

Upcoming Event

This month I will be giving a talk at The 12th International Melville Society Conference: Melville’s Origins (NYC). The talk is part of a panel that looks at Melville’s work in the light of 200 years Dartmouth College v. Woodward. Check out the program here.

Upcoming event

At the end of May I will present my current research on archipelagic aesthetics at the joint annual conference of GAPS and IACPL at the University of Bremen. Find more information here.

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