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Article published

The collection Laboring Bodies and the Quantified Self, edited by Ulfried Reichardt (Mannheim) and Regina Schober (Duesseldorf) is out! It contains my article „‚To Be Reckoned in the Gross‘: Corporate Storytelling and Quantified Selves in Joshua Ferris’s Then We Came to the End,“ and a preview is available here.

Article published

This week my article „The Silence of the Soulless Corporation: Corporate Agency in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Bravo“ was published online. It is among the latest articles of the journal Law & Literature, and it presents some of the research that is the subject of my monograph project on the corporation in nineteenth-century law, literature, and culture.

You can find the article here.

Upcoming Event

This December I will present my work-in-progress on corporate storytelling and autobiography at the Intersections of Finance and Society conference in London. You can find their program here.


Last year I I co-edited this special issue on „Poetry and Law“ together with Dr. Birte Christ (Universitaet Giessen). Last week, it was awarded the Best Article Award 2017 by the journal Amerikastudien/American Studies and the German American Studies Association.

Upcoming Event

This month I will be giving a talk at The 12th International Melville Society Conference: Melville’s Origins (NYC). The talk is part of a panel that looks at Melville’s work in the light of 200 years Dartmouth College v. Woodward. Check out the program here.

Upcoming event

At the end of May I will present my current research on archipelagic aesthetics at the joint annual conference of GAPS and IACPL at the University of Bremen. Find more information here.

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